Our team

With B2C and B2B platforms, The Platform Group operates in the fields of fashion, sports, shoes, bags, machinery, bicycles, furniture and education, among others. Our company employs over 350 people at 10 locations worldwide.

Unser Team

The Platform Group ist mit seinen B2C- und B2B-Plattformen u. a. in den Bereichen Mode, Sport, Schuhe, Taschen, Maschinen, Fahrräder, Möbel und Bildung tätig. Unser Unternehmen beschäftigt über 350 Mitarbeiter an 10 Standorten in Europa.

The people who work at The Platform Group share the vision and values of our community.

Our team has now grown considerably, with over 350 employees working every day to ensure that our platforms run well, that we respond quickly and that we create excellent solutions for retailers. Below you will find a brief insight into a few of our employees at the Wiesbaden site. Other employees are spread across Berlin, Barcelona, Munich and other locations.


Dominik Benner


Jürgen Hanke


Christian Lange


Joachim Frost

Commercial Manager

Division Management

Sandra Carle

Head of Customer Service

Nathalie Bertels


Benjamin Pohl

Head of Data & Content

Christoph Hies

Head of Marketing

Frederic von Borries

Head of Marketplace

Ilka Flint

Head of local stores

Leader Online Marketing

Nadin Baeter

Teamlead PaidAds

Shaan Raja

Technical SEO

Fidan Vucetrna

Foto & Video

Leonie von Perbandt

Content & Social Media

Sylwia Durman

Content & Social Media

Alena Klein

SEA & Newsletter

Tugba Hayber

Affiliate & Content

Nooshin Lotfi

Graphic Design

Jihane Ben Magahed

Content & Social Media

Leader Partner-Management

Stefan Depker

Support & Partners

Brian Haun

Support & Partners

Hans-Jürgen Komander

Support & Partners

Julia Lange

Support & Partners

Christian Voß


Justyna Kus


Dimitrios Ioannidis

Head of Taschen24

Amira Nerabi

Support & Partners

Leader Customer Support

Benjamin Carls

Customer support

Daniel Timm

Customer support

Leader Data & Content

Marius Carle

Order processing

Lisa Polaschek

Data maintenance

Miriam Tomac

Data maintenance

Son Nguyen


Daniele Sirica

Order processing

Linus Randelshofer

Data maintenance

Leader Marketplace

Doreen Wenzel

Marketplace Manager

Nicolas Zander

Marketplace Manager

Leader Sourcing & Logistics

Thomas Holschuh

Teamlead Logistics

Leader IT

Michael Thielen